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Certifications / Terms and conditions

As a specialised company, both quality and trust are equally important for Alfaref. Therefore, we are not only a certified waste disposal company, but also hold certificates for waste trade in countries such as the UK, Scotland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria,...

Additionally, Alfaref is registered in many European countries with its own tax identification number and naturally has outstanding environmental protection insurance.

You can find our certificate here for download »

General terms and conditions of Alfaref GmbH

1. Scope of application

Our general terms and conditions shall apply exclusively.

Our general terms and conditions shall also apply if the general terms and conditions of our customers or suppliers contradict them.
They shall also apply for all further business relations, even if not repeatedly explicitly agreed.

Conflicting conditions or those different to our terms and condition shall only apply, if accepted by Alfaref GmbH.

Acceptance of this shall occur explicitly in writing by Alfaref GmbH.
At the latest, these general terms and conditions shall apply upon acceptance of our services.

All agreements between Alfaref GmbH and their contractual partner shall be confirmed in writing. This also applies for contracts, in which additions or alterations have been made.

Verbal agreements, commitments or additional agreements of any kind shall only be binding, if explicitly confirmed in writing.

2. Offer and acceptance

Our offers are non-binding and subject to change.

All offers shall occur in writing. Our offers are only valid for the time indicated in the offer. Once the deadline has passed, the contractual partner is no longer entitled to the offered services. The scope and content of due services can be found in the written offer, our order confirmation or also in a concluded contract.

Acceptance of our services shall occur in writing - for example, in the form of an order confirmation or declaration of acceptance - within 14 days.

Should any article in this contract be or become ineffective, all other articles or agreements shall remain unaffected.

3. Delivery and acceptance

The delivery time is clearly stated in the order confirmation or in the contract.

Punctual shipment from the warehouse or factory suffices in order to comply with the delivery time. We reserve the right to undertake part-deliveries, if this is reasonable for the customer. We reserve the right to extend the delivery time in the case of a strike or force majeure.
If the delivery time is extended by more than a month, the contractual partner is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

However, they shall not be entitled to claim damages.

Delivery shall be deemed complete when, in the case of "ex works" delivery, the goods have been loaded onto the means of transport correctly and the appropriate transport documents have been handed over.

In the case of delivery to the site, delivery shall be deemed complete when the goods have been weighed at the customer’s location and correct receipt of the goods has been confirmed via declaration of acceptance on the corresponding transport documents.

4. Default of acceptance of deliveries

If the contractual partner is in default with acceptance, the risk of delivery shall be transferred to the contractual partner. Alfaref GmbH is in any case entitled to pass on the arising costs to the contractual partner and receive a full refund.

5. Packaging

The type of packaging of the goods is indicated in the contract.

Alfaref GmbH is not obliged to take back means of transport and other packaging material. The customer shall bear the costs for the disposal of the packaging. We shall not be held responsible for damage to goods or packaging arising during transport or as a result of transport.

6. Prices and terms of payment

Our prices are decisive and binding according to the order confirmation or contract.

The acknowledged prices are net, therefore plus VAT.

Billing is based on the defined quality, quantity and weight of the goods upon receipt.

Unless other terms of payment are agreed, the contractual partner shall pay the invoice within 30 days of the invoice date, without deduction. If the customer fails to comply with the date of required payment, Alfaref GmbH is entitled to charge default interest at the rate of interest calculated by commercial banks, from this point of time. Payment is deemed complete once the amount has accordingly been credited to our account. Payment via cheque and exchange is only accepted if explicitly authorised by us. Payment will be deemed complete once the amount has been irrevocably credited to our business account. According to section 366 paragraph 2 of the German Civil Code (BGB), we are entitled to account claims by our contractual partner with regard to our payment obligations.

7. Transfer of risk and ownership

Alfaref GmbH shall notify the customer when goods are ready for shipment.

Transfer of risk shall occur once the goods have been correctly loaded onto the means of transport and handed over. Transfer of risk to the customer shall also occur if loading is delayed, for which we are not responsible, or if it is not possible.

The goods shall remain the property of Alfaref GmbH until fully paid.

8. Quality and complaints

Upon receipt of the goods, the customer should perform the appropriate inspections with regard to condition, quantity and quality of the goods.

Complaints can only be made with regard to visible and hidden defects, immediately after receipt of the goods or within 10 days at the latest, according to section 377 of the German Commercial Code (HGB).

The supplier of the goods shall inform Alfaref GmbH immediately in the case of delivery not complying with the contract. He/she shall promptly resolve the defect or provide an appropriate replacement. This also applies in the case of incorrect or insufficient deliveries.

9. Insurance and guarantee (third party liability insurance)

Alfaref GmbH shall ensure and guarantee that, the services provided are carried out correctly and to the state of the art. If the goods that are delivered are defect, the right to repairs applies. If repairs are not possible, the right to replacement applies. If replacement is not possible, the right to withdrawal from the contract applies.

10. Product liability and exclusion of liability (liability for defects)

Liability is limited to gross negligence and wilful intent.

Alfaref GmbH shall not be liable for incorrectly declared goods or goods that do not correspond to the contractually agreed stipulations with regard to condition and content. Alfaref GmbH shall also not be liable for consequential damage that occurs as a result.

Claims for damages against Alfaref GmbH and its vicarious agents, that arise due to impossible service, as well as negligence upon conclusion of the contract and tort are excluded.

The supplier shall exempt us from all third-party claims regarding infringement of property rights, patents, etc.

11. Assignment/offsetting

The customer is not entitled to transfer claims to authorise third parties to assert his/her claims, irrespective of the kind, without the agreement of Alfaref GmbH.

The customer is only entitled to offsetting or the right of retention regarding claims of Alfaref GmbH, if his/her claims are deemed undisputed or he/she obtained legal force through the courts.

12. Copyright and confidentiality

The supplier shall maintain all plans, drawings, images, calculations, test results prices and other documents or information strictly confidential and shall not make these available to third parties.

The obligation shall continue to apply after completion of business. Reports, test results and verification documentation that were made available to the customer, may not be altered, passed on or published in form or content.

13. Place of performance, court of jurisdiction and applicable law

The contractual parties shall endeavour to reach an amicable agreement in the case of disputes. If no amicable agreement can be reached within a month, litigation proceedings may be commenced.

Alfaref GmbH in Heide is the place of performance for all obligations in the contract. Meldorf district court is the court of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contract. The contract is exclusively subject to German law.

14. Miscellaneous: provisions regarding acceptance and delivery of waste materials

In the case of the delivery of waste materials, statutory provisions and regulations of waste management apply. Compliance with state waste laws, official waste regulations and EU waste laws form the basis of the acceptance of all waste.

Only legally and officially permitted waste shall be accepted.

Alfaref GmbH may request a representative waste sample from the party producing the waste and have it analysed at his/her expense, in order to assess the waste. The party producing the waste is free to have an analysis performed at his/her own expense. The party producing/supplying the waste shall inform Alfaref GmbH of all known or perceivable risks that may arise from the waste without being asked.

He/she shall agree to the use of all information necessary for records and for creating a waste register or an operations diary.

All waste transport may only be performed by officially authorised transport companies that comply with the legal and official regulations. Transportation of waste shall only occur if the corresponding declaration of acceptance by the company and the official authorisation have been received. Transportation of waste shall be performed via the required necessary transport and shipment documentation.

Alfaref GmbH shall not be liable for consequential damage that arises due to improper transportation of waste or as a result of transportation of waste without authorisation.

Waste that is delivered via open vehicles (dump trucks / container trucks) should feature a protective cover or net, in order to prevent soiling the transport route and the company's site. If these provisions are disregarded the client / supplier shall bear the costs arising for cleaning.

Waste delivered in containers, such as "big bags", boxes or similar packaging on pallets should be packaged and filled according to the provisions of the accepting company.

Delivery of waste should comply with the safety provisions and instructions of the applicable company. The supplier is prohibited to unload waste without official instruction and permission.

Waste should be clearly labelled with the type of waste, content, condition and amount. Examination upon receipt is permitted. Determination of weight shall occur using state-calibrated scales

Acceptance of waste can be refused if the delivered goods do not correspond to the contractually agreed conditions. In this case, the supplier shall take back the goods and shall exempt us from all costs and claims, also with regard to third parties.

This also applies for deliveries in unsuitable and insufficient means of transport, in the case of insufficient or incorrect declaration of waste, as well as in the case of missing authorisation of transport.

The client shall be liable for all damages - including indirect - that arise for Alfaref GmbH as a result of insufficient or incorrect deliveries. The client shall also be liable for all damages arising through disregard of company regulations or instruction of company personnel.

If the supplier and client are not identical, both shall be jointly and severally liable.

The client/supplier shall also be liable if Alfaref GmbH had withdrawn from the contract.